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Are you looking for the right investment management solutions to meet ever-evolving market requirements? Greenware Solutions is the ideal partner in your journey in achieving a dominating position amidst a dynamic market.

Unleash seamless investor onboarding, multi-asset and multi-channel reporting, online transactions, extensive reporting and analytics, reconciliations and comprehensive partner management with our futuristic multi-asset platform that is simple, flexible and transparent.

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At Greenware Solutions, we understand the challenges faced by investment managers in today's ever-changing market. That's why we have created a multi-asset platform that is designed to help you stay ahead of the game. With our platform, you will have access to seamless investor onboarding, multi-channel reporting, and comprehensive partner management. Our platform is simple, flexible, and transparent, providing you with the tools you need to succeed. Whether you are looking to streamline your online transactions, access extensive reporting and analytics, or ensure accurate reconciliations, our platform has got you covered. Partnering with Greenware Solutions means you will have a dedicated team of experts who are committed to helping you achieve your goals. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service and support to our clients, so you can focus on what matters most - growing your business. Choose Greenware Solutions as your partner and unlock the potential for success.

Why Greenware Solutions?

In an evolving market, Greenware provides the technology solutions you need to grow your business. Greenware provides an out-of-the-box cloud-backed Investment Management technology platform that is ideally suited to Distributors, Brokers, Banks, Wealth Managers, and other Financial Institutions.

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Comprehensive front-to-back solutions for the distribution of Mutual Funds, Fixed Deposits, Bonds, Structured products, Equity, and PMS.

Still need more, leverage our ability to capture and suggest recommendations, create baskets, plan goals, show fund cards, run transaction workflows, enable maker-checker, and comply with investment guidelines. Our white-labelled solution makes all of this available out-of-the-box and there are close to 200 APIs that enable you to build your own UX or embed it in existing digital assets.

Our Solutions

Be it Mutual Funds, Fixed Deposits, Bonds, Structured Products, Equity, PMS, or any other Third party asset; Greenware Solutions is the right technology partner to help you power your growth. Our solutions are white-labelled and configured to meet your exact needs. Our deep integration with BSE and embedded master data help in providing a seamless and comprehensive experience to users and investors alike.

  • Consolidated view of all asset class, drilling down each in detail
  • Quick and accurate import capabilities with auto-correct functionality
  • Intelligent export features with templates that allow large volumes of data into the system
  • Automatic ‘adapt to screen size’ feature to show a consistent layout
  • Multi-tabs to allow quick switch between functions and to compare & contrast data
  • Collapsible menus to allow greater working space
  • Smart order book for investors to approve - client order maker, checker, approval, and authorizer; customizable at different levels
  • Strong emphasis on automatic focus in the right spaces with keyboard navigation
  • Auto-refresh built-in for edits to immediately reflect and update
  • Ready to download analytical reports – Transactions, Collections, AUM, Profitability Brokerage Reconciliation, and more
  • Auto prompts for elimination of human errors (duplicate file upload, duplicate data, incomplete masters etc.) by flagging them off at the point of occurrence with friendly messages
  • Guardrail report and mechanism on a post facto basis
  • Upto date AMC, Scheme, NAV and other critical information
  • Investment tracking features - summary + detailed mechanism
  • Goal setting capabilities to plan and achieve goals
  • Data collaterals to build effective investor understanding

"Out of the box Wealth Tech"

How We Add Value To Your Business

Empowering Financial Advisors with a seamless platform for Exceptional customer experience

We deploy comprehensive data insights to offer a top-notch experience for financial market participants across the world.

  • Cloud-Based

    What’s better than gaining access to your financial data anytime and anywhere with zero compromises on security? Our finance cloud allows you to get a 360-degree view of your live portfolio and also deep-dive into every asset class and every transaction as you like.

  • Unified Platform

    Our intuitive platform is the go-to place to view and manage all your data without losing context and value and without synchronization issues.

  • Paperless Onboarding & Transactions

    Allow prospects to signup, invest and transact instantly with no documents or signatures.

  • Extensive Reporting

    Access live portfolios and comprehensive investment reports on the go.

  • Event & Bulk Notifications

    Keep all stakeholders posted about relevant investments and events with timely notifications.

  • Organizational Hierarchy

    Capture upto 7 levels of organizational structure and enforce data access controls.

  • Order Workflow

    Provide end-to-end transparency into order execution and their statuses for your investors.

  • Approval Matrices

    Set up multilevel approval matrices based on order value and approver thresholds.

  • Advanced Analytics

    Our platform incorporates advanced analytics to translate financial data into actionable insights, including performance reports, capital gain loss reports, mutual fund allocation, and more to help you get a better picture of your investments at various levels and make informed decisions.

  • Investment Policy Compliance

    Our platform captures upto 17 combinations of Guardrail compliance guidelines allowing you to make sure you don’t violate the specified investment policies while placing orders or carrying out transactions.

  • Open Access

    View consolidated reports from multi-asset and multi-advisor perspectives and do assisted transactions while onboarding your investors instantly and giving them access to their live portfolios and transactions with our open-access platform.

  • Data & Technology

    Powered by BSE Star MF, our white label multi-asset platform is a one-stop solution for wealth managers at all levels to monitor and execute transactions while showcasing to their clients the significant impact they have created in their portfolios leveraging the multi-advisor channel.

Client Testimonials

FundCore is a highly configurable product and we are very happy with the support and services Greenware provides us in an efficient way. Greenware has proved to be a great technology partner with a fantastic blend of market knowledge. The distribution platform provides various activities like client onboarding, transactions, reporting, brokerage, and commissions. We would be happy to recommend them

Rakesh Bhandari
Nirmal Bang

“Greenware Solutions has proved to be a valuable technology partner to us. Their strong domain knowledge and wide-ranging technology together are a plus point. We are very happy with the constant support and services they provide us. We’ve been using their platform for over 3 years and couldn’t be happier.”

Vikas Agarwal
B&K Sec

“FundCore is accurate and comprehensive with consistent data in an easy-to-understand platform. Being cloud-based, Greenware provides portfolio monitoring for our clients anytime-anywhere. The support and services by Greenware solutions are prompt. ”

Abhishek Murarka
Mata Securities India Pvt Ltd

“Greenware solutions do a great job of providing technology solutions in a simple and efficient way to grow your business. The service levels are outstanding with a deep understanding of the financial domain. We are delighted to work with them”

Naren Prabhu

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